Botox Treatment

When you express yourself, you twitch your facial muscles. Over the years, these contractions create permanent deep wrinkles on the skin, especially around the eyes and mouth, between the eyebrows and forehead. These wrinkles can make you look bigger, sad, angry or tired. Botox treatment helps to erase these wrinkles and obtain a fresher face with naturalness in expression.

Am I a suitable candidate for Botox?

Consider a suitable candidate for Botox if:

  • You have wrinkles on your face and forehead that you want to get rid of
  • You are not pregnant or breast-feeding

At what age can I start?

Botox is a process that is done at will. The patient can choose the time he/she wants. At ages 60 to 80 in which wrinkles have already become deep and intense botox makes sense to have less action than at younger ages.

How is that possible?

Treatment is simple and non-surgical. A 10-minute treatment consisting of a few small injections, relaxes the facial muscles that create wrinkles.

What should I watch out for before I do Botox?

Botox should be strictly applied by trained physicians. Choosing the right plastic surgeon will lead to a safe and guaranteed aesthetic result.

Botox : Treatment Result

  • The effect of Botox lasts up to 4 months.
  • Botox treatment also ® the signs of age, making you look younger and refreshed.
  • It gives naturalness to expression, without pain and without appearing to have been interfered with by your plastic surgeon.

Do I have to watch something after treatment?

After botox treatment you can continue your daily activities.

Dysport instead of Botox


Dysport® Dysport is an injectable treatment used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. Dysport looks like BOTOX®. It is injected directly between wrinkles to stop muscles from contracting. The raw material of Dysport is the bacterium Clostridum botulinum, the same protein used in Botox. Dr.. Pantelidis will advise you if Dysport is suitable for your case.