Eyebrow Hair transplantation

Eyebrow Hair transplantation Eyebrows shape the face. The right eyebrow shape, highlights our eyes and makes us feel more beautiful, gives us more confidence and contributes to the psychological uplift of the person. Excessive removal, disease, trauma, scarring and genetics can make the area thin or nonexistent. Eyebrow transplantation is a permanent, revolutionary way to address the problem using the most advanced and innovative methods. What is invasive hair transplantation? Minimally invasive hair transplantation is the process in which more and more people desire thicker, natural eyebrows, without scars, with the minimum possible recovery time. Do I need an eyebrow transplant? Genetics, aging, diseases and even fashion trends are just some of the reasons why a growing number of people, women and men are left unhappy with the eyebrow area. In the 1990s and early 20th century we saw tinged eyebrows almost disappear, leaving - in most cases - permanently damaged hair follicles that are no longer able to grow. In other people the eyebrows have a natural thinning or are affected by hereditary hair loss, which affects their shape and size on a permanent basis. Tattoos and makeup can help temporarily, covering the area somewhat, but trying to make our eyebrows look more natural and bigger is usually frustrating, without the expected results. Eyebrow transplantation using the FUE method Eyebrow transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure: •The hair is used by a donor area (usually behind the ears) of the head, which are extracted one by one. •The Surgeon discreetly transplants each individual hair (compelte with follicle and the necessary elements) into a selected shape by you. •Treatment is minimally invasive and the risk of scarring or scarring is minimal. Results The results after an eyebrow transplant are permanently the differences in your new schedule are immediately apparent. The full results will be visible over the next period of time (usually after two months). Hair grows in 3 stages. So if you see any change after the hair transplant you should not worry -this is normal. Hair growth varies from person to person and as transplanted hair continues to grow you need to cut the hairs in order to achieve and maintain the desired effect. Recovery •After eyebrow transplantation there is no particular problem in recovery. Unlike the FUT method of "tape" transplantation (which leaves a significantly visible scar on the donor area and requires great care in the future) the FUE method of hair transplantation has significant advantages as well: •Requires minimal follow-up and absence from work •The risk of leaving a scar is much lower, almost non-existent Recovery tips After eyebrow transplantation you should avoid exercise - especially sweating - for a few weeks in order to reduce the risk of infection. We will give you full instructions and advice on follow-up and support during your recovery.
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