Breast Augmentation - Breast lift

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in Greece. Many women choose to grow their breasts in order to better match their body type in order to make them feel more beautiful, more feminine and to stimulate their self-confidence. Others are driven to breast augmentation or lift after suffering from pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or mastectomy and others because they have amorphous, small, uneven breasts. Whatever the case, it is certain that  breast augmentation has a proven positive effect on both the appearance and psychology of women.

Before the operation

You will discuss with your doctor in order to decide together which is best for your case and to choose together the size and type that matches your appearance and desire. You will proceed with some tests, such as general blood, chest X-ray and mammography (if you are over 35 years of age), as well as further tests, as appropriate.

Are breast implants safe?

You may have read or heard conflicting reports about the safety of breast implants in recent years. It is natural that you will want all the data on the products - breast implants, before proceeding with your growth surgery.

The doctor will talk to you in detail about the products Allergan, Nagor, Mentor breast implants that he has been using since 2002. The above breast implants have an excellent safety record and have been implanted in over 1 million women worldwide

Breast augmentation: The operation

Your surgeon will make incisions in your chest, either in the fold under your chest, around your nipple or towards your armpit. This allows breast implants to be placed in place, as appropriate:

In front of the chest muscle - this is suitable for those who have some massive tissue already so it becomes larger or if you want to restore fullness to deflated breasts.

Behind the chest muscle - this is suitable for ladies with very small breasts who do not have excess skin-.

This method reduces the risk of implants, but with this method it is more difficult to place larger implants. Questions about plastic breast augmentation

How long does breast augmentation surgery last?

Surgery usually lasts between one and two hours.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

Breast augmentation plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia

After breast augmentation

You may be able to return home on the same day, although some patients will require an overnight stay at one of our hospitals.

The first 24 to 48 hours after surgery can be unpleasant and it is normal that your chest will feel swollen especially in the upper part, tight and heavy due to post-surgical edema.

You will need to take analgesia and you will have compression bandages to help you with any discomfort.

Your bra should be replaced by the right sports bra where you will have previously been informed to bring with you.

You return immediately to your daily activities, but avoid weight lifting and vigorous exercise as long as your doctor advises.

You can return to work in one week to 10 days.

Are there going to be any marks left?

The marks from the incisions resemble small imperceptible, fine lines, which within a year are almost completely eliminated.

Side effects, risk & complications

No one wants to think about side effects, but mild pain, swelling in the chest, or increased sensitivity are normal temporary side effects.


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