Wrinkles & Skin Problems End With Skin Scanner IOMA Beauty Diag (IBD)

Ρυτίδες τέλος. Skin Scanner: Διάγνωση και θεραπεία δερματικών προβλημάτων

The unique IOMA Beauty Diag IBD diagnostic system features software specifically developed to accurately and repeat 7 basic skin dysfunctions and recommend to each woman or man personalized treatment, i.e. the most appropriate and effective treatment depending on the skin problem she faces.

Ρυτίδες, δερματικά προβλήματα. Το skin scanner προτείνει θεραπεία


The Visio Probe : Wrinkles oiliness & diapers under the microscope

The imaging head consists of specially advanced lenses, cameras and filters to diagnose skin imperfections not seen with the naked eye. The system calculates measurable and comparable parameters for fine lines, wrinkles, oiliness, diapers and honeys, closed pores and bacterial infections.

The Physio Probe : Detailed examination of skin function

The Physio probe head contains high-tech sensors and receives in vivo information on the specific characteristics of skin function, such as hydration and moisture, percutaneous water loss (TEWL), and skin temperature. The system takes into account external temperature and humidity factors so that the measurements are repeatable and real in each microclimate.

Personalized Treatment

The System Software guides in personalized treatment in 7 steps:

  1. Analysis – Diagnosis
  2. Treatment option
  3. Cabin products
  4. Treatment protocol
  5. Check result
  6. Ioma Beauty Pro Line Product Suggestion
  7. Printing

Analysis - Diagnosis

We choose all or any of the 7 glitches we want to diagnose and analyze.

Treatment option

We discuss the priorities in terms of the results of the diagnosis and choose the treatment to follow.

Cabin products:

IBD will show us the range of products that have the right ingredients to treat the dysfunction we have chosen to treat.

Treatment protocol

Βρείτε θεραπεία για ρυτίδες και δερματικά προβλήματα με το skin scanner

IBD guides us with instructions on the correct application of the products and the appropriate pressures that will lead to optimal absorption of the products and the reassignment of the function of the skin.

Check result

At the end of treatment, IBD will tell us to do the analysis of the dysfunction we have chosen again and presents the analysis, Before and After, demonstrating with quantitative and qualitative data the result of the treatment. IBD has a built-in management program for the last 16 visits with details of the analyses and treatments that have been done.

Ioma Beauty Pro Line Product Suggestion

The IBD system proposes the appropriate product range for daily maintenance. We choose the products for purchase.


Εξατοομικευμένη θεραπεία για δερματικά προβλήματα, ρυτίδες, πανάδες, με skin scanner

We print the result of the diagnosis and/or treatment together with the products selected for purchase. We set the next appointment for a treatment according to the needs analyzed.

For the first time IntuiSkin, gives a complete solution of diagnosis and treatment of the skin for each skin. Truly efficient application of cosmetic products with measurable results.

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