Breast Reduction - Breast Lifting

Usually women with large breasts, feel excessively large breasts as an unwanted weight, which causes them problems practically and aesthetically, which make their everyday life very difficult.

Heavy chest and incorrect posture can lead to chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulders. They make sports activities almost impossible, as they get too tired and the moves are difficult. Finding a matching bra or blouse that is comfortable can prove impossible, and even the pressure from bra straps can cause a permanent shoulder print.

Large breasts can even predispose women to skin infections in areas where the skin is rubbed together and create many more problems.

Breast reduction in menopause

Especially after menopause, much of the glandular tissue in the chest is replaced by fatty tissue. This can leave some women with excessively large breasts, causing pain, physical harm and psychological problems.

For women who have started menopause or experienced an early menopause, the Micro Lipo Breast Reduction offers the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident.

For those who have not yet reached menopause, surgical breast reduction is usually the best way to proceed.

MicroLipo Breast Reduction: The Procedure

Revolutionary in the UK, MicroLipo's microtubule technique allows breast reduction without the need to undergo major surgery. It is minimally invasive and therefore allows for rapid recovery postoperatively, a quick return to normal activities, and almost no sign.

The advantages of MicroLipo (Breast Liposuction) for breast reduction are:

Becomes regional – local, not general anesthesia

Causes minimal trauma to breast tissue, compared to the classical method

Recovery is rapid. The typical patient can return to work and smooth social activity within two - three days after breast reduction surgery

Minimizes the risks of postoperative complications

Microcanula liposuction can not only reduce the breast by more than 50% in size, but also elevate it to a significant extent.

Surgical Excision - Breast Reduction


The traditional breast reduction, known as surgical resection - breast reduction, involves cutting the breast with a scalpel, to remove large amounts of breast tissue. Problems associated with surgical resection-breast reduction include risk such as keloid or excessively large scars, uneven breast size, abnormal skin appearance near the nipple, decreased nipple sensation, and possible damage to the nipple.

Although I use a new technique with minimum type lollipop  scar which minimizes the scars of the breast reduction , contributing ito the quick processes of healing and come back to work and the previous activities.

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