Painless waxing with Harmony XL & Soprano XL Laser

Painless waxing with Harmony XL & Soprano XL Laser

Harmony® XL : Really Painless Hair Removal

Harmony® XL features Alma Lasers' unique and revolutionary Super Hair Removal SHR technology™ which introduces a new era for truly painless hair removal. The SHR method is a revolutionary new approach to better efficiency and comfort in hair removal, which completely changes the way hair removal has been treated over the past fifteen years.

The Harmony laser® XL is:

Safe and effective method of permanent hair reduction

It can be a treatment for all skin types

It can effectively cure all types and almost all hair colors

It is faster and painless treatment with the new SHR method & the "On the Move" technique

Offers reliable results consistently in every treatment for incredibly soft skin

Why would I prefer Harmony laser hair removal® XL?

Harmony® XL without a doubt with the SHR technique is the advancement of AFT™ technology at 780-950 nm for the treatment of hair removal. The only really painless "on the go" hair removal system in the world. A safe and effective method of permanent hair reduction. Harmony® XL has the ability to use conventional AFT technology™ to treat hair removal in the traditional pulse per pulse at 650-950 nm.

Patients who have tried other Pulse Light and Laser systems prefer Harmony® XL and SHR technique because of painless treatment

Alma Lasers™ the on-the-go technique, which gradually increases the temperature of the colorformers of the surrounding tissue. This effectively warms the hair follicles as at the same time the skin is protected.

The Harmony laser® XL is just as effective as other hair removal systems. Although the treatment time is similar, local anesthesia is not required.

The Super HR method is safer because less heat is produced. Lower energy levels cause less discomfort in patients and carry a lower risk for undesirable side effects.

The SHR method consists of high average power, high frequency of pulse repetitions and on-the-go technique for more efficient treatment and more comfort for the patient.

The gaps usually left in the body during treatment -zebra effect - with this on-the-go technique of infrared beam 780-950 nm are now eliminated. The temperature of the follicle, hair stem and surrounding tissue increases.

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